New Focus Octet

Municipal Hall
23 October 2017 08:00 PM


Konrad Wiszniewski  saxophones

 Euan Stevenson  piano  

Andrew Robb  bass

Alyn Cosker  drums

The Glasgow String Quartet

Nicola Wiszniewska  flute

Alina Bzhezhinska  harp


This concert is presented as part of the BIGGAR LITTLE FESTIVAL of THE FIVE ARTS



A lyrical collaboration of Jazz Quartet and String Quartet with Harp, in a programme of rich arrangements, memorable themes, and a unique mix of classical and folk.

The second New Focus album released in August 2016 has been quietly picking up some very favourable reviews for its unusual blend of classical, jazz, and Scottish Folk. This original music was written by Euan Stevenson and Konrad Wiszniewski for jazz quartet, string quartet, woodwind and harp. 

The Guardian said: "the mix of the strings' elegance, flickers of tango, blues and Celtic folk-music, the fluency of the soloists, and the controlled power of Janisch and Cosker in the rhythm section mostly make this a very musical set in its sometimes swoonily, low-lit way”.

   "The inspiration is sax legend Stan Getz's famous 1961 album Focus, and the comparably tender-toned Wiszniewski and gracefully grooving Stevenson have written a set of appropriately lyrical originals, with the band likewise augmented by strings ensemble and harp." The Guardian

   "Luscious moments as jazz quartet and string quartet entwine...a highly organic and lyrical collaboration

    The Scotsman ****



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  • 23 October 2017 08:00 PM

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